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Customer Focus Marketing where you gather thoughts from customers and seek to serve
We’re here for You

Marketing as we see it:

  1. is the art of getting you found and online marketing is getting you found on the world wide web;
  2. Getting your message out to the people who want it and whom you are pleased to serve, and finally:
  3. Making the Difference that you want to make in the world

We take that task seriously.

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What we Do

Top Page 1 Google Rankings


Getting Top Ranking on Google SERPS
Top Ranking on Google

Getting high rankings on the Google SERPS Search Engine Results Pages for you most important buyer keywords is one of the best ways to attract customers to get your phone ringing and/or your door banging with new prospects and customers.

The differences are huge:

If you rank on page 1 then at least you’ll be available for 100% of the people Searching for these keywords.  If you rank on Page 2 only 5% of searchers will go that far and if you are as far back as Page 3 your site will only see at most 1% of the searchers… That’s pretty scary.

If you are on page 1 thanks to a paid ad only 10% of the searchers will bother with you, which means you really have to get there  “organically” which means doing something to satisfy google and other Search engines that your web page is the page they want to show their searchers.

Normally this means doing great SEO.

But not only do you need to get to page 1 but the #1 spot on page 1 garners 33% of all the click throughs. The top 3 spots grab 61% of those desired clickthroughs.

This is why we get you Top Page 1 Rankings on Google – 80% of all the  traffic goes through Google, in fact most people talk about going to the web and googling for answers/

Plus once we get you ranking high up on the right SERPS we find that the rankings on Bing and Yahoo begin to go up as well.

That leaves out just 2% of the traffic.  The truth is all search engines have a very similar sort of algorhythm to find the best results to show their searchers.  We capitalize on that!


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Rapid SEO

Ask anyone who has ever done SEO for a website and they’ll tell you it is a long slow process, and if you’re paying someone to do it for you it can be costly.  Worse yet is that Google often changes the rules.

We are impatient and Know powerful secrets to successfully do Rapid SEO.  We get you ranked and dominating the SERPs for buyer intent keywords in a couple of weeks not months and years.  In fact if Google were not Google we could do it in a day or two but we find that we get our clients ranked in the #12, or 3 spot on some important SERPS and then they fall down for a week or two and then boom they come back up, after Google’s bots confirm and reconfirm the information.

But better than that we dominate the SERPS and will often hold 3 – 5 of the key spots on the SERPS. This means we build you authority so you stick around and don’t just rank for a short while.  Over time as your authority builds and builds you’ll start to see your site ranking for more and more keywords.

Google Map 3 Pack Rankings

Google 3 Pack rankings for Seattle Chiropractors
Google 3 Pack

If you are not sure what a Google 3 pack looks like here is a screen shot of a Google 3 pack for the keywords Seattle Chiropractor.

For a local business being in the Google 3 Pack is  almost a guarantee of success as virtually all new search business will go to these listings.  Not every business has such listings but if you are in a business that does we’ll get you into the 3 pack and in a matter of time we get most clients into the #1 spot.  Interesting the same factors that rank you well organically for the page 1 listings are NOT the same factors that get you into the Google 3 Pack.

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Press Releases

Now this is the magic sauce for what we do.  But not all press releases are created equally.  But a properly written and focused press release that is broadly disseminated can be pure gold.

Press Releases make the news
Be the News!

Press Releases bring powerful citations and links to your business, they rank exceptionally well in the SERPS and they have very high authority!

What’s not to like?

But they are not inexpensive… a bare press release, written by you on PRWeb, a highly respected press release disseminator will cost you $369/press release for their premium service.

Ours is a done for you service and we connect with many more sites giving you even broader exposure.

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Social Media Campaigns

Google and the other search engines now pay close attention to “social signals”.  If you’re not being seen on sites like Facebook and Twitter than Google concludes people don’t like you.

We make sure this doesn’t happen to you and your business.

Plus for some local businesses getting involved in the local scene and getting engagement from fans on Twitter and Facebook are very important.

We do those sorts of campaigns.

We Love Online Marketing

In this connected world today you have to be comfortable with online marketing.

No one can really succeed today without embracing online marketing.

We Love Offline Marketing

For local brick and mortar businesses your community is a big part of your success.  We know that you need to be involved and we love showing how you can make your online and offline marketing efforts turn your business into the dominating business where you are!


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