LinkedIn for Business Success

LinkedIn for Business Success

If you are looking for top quality contacts for your business, look no further than LinkedIn.  With 500,000,000 people, many of them Top level business managers, and often the owners themselves,  you just can’t find better contacts, particularly  if you have a B2B business.

Let’s Look at the Stats

I always heard that Figures Don’t Lie, the Problem is Liars Can Figure!  With aht being said I still think the stats have a story to tell.

I got these stats from here so if you’d like to see them all go check out all 133 of them.

As of November, 2016 LinkedIn had 467 million users

The goal of the management team at Linkedin is to grow to 3 Billion users

There are 128 million users in the US, but Linkedin’s users come from 200 different countries and territories, 70% outside the US

LinkedIn counts executives from all 2013 Fortune 500 companies as members; its corporate talent solutions are used by 94 of the Fortune 100 companies. so if it is a good job that you want then you better be on LinkedIn.

While scrolling around the internet I came across this Headline from the Huffington Post  You can check it out here

Why LinkedIn Is the Most Powerful Marketing Tool of the 21st Century

Why you want to be on LinkedIn
Why LinkedIN

According to a survey by Arketi media group, over 94.2 percent of journalists and editors are on LinkedIn and 62 percent rate it as their preferred professional networking tool!  If you have an important message to share than going where the major media influencers hang out is a pretty good idea.