Top Page 1 Google Rankings

Would You Like Top Page 1 Google Rankings?

We hope you answered, ” Yes” because those are the rankings that can give you the best FREE traffic in the world. Unfortunately there is  more to it than that though.

The Keywords you rank for are really the secret.

Let’s say you’re a naturopath, and you really want to help women who struggle with their weight.  You know you have a huge audience but somehow your practice is not as full as you’d like.

You even have top page 1 google rankings for the keyword “naturopath city” that means in your city, let’s say it’s New York, you rank on page 1 somewhere in the top 3 rankings for the keyword “naturopath New York”. Great Yes?

That is often what naturopaths and other local businesses want and they pay a LOT of money to an SEO firm to acquire that specific sort of ranking.  But it still will not make your practice super busy, and it certainly won’t be busy with women struggling with weight issues.

Want to know why?  Most women with weight issues do not necessarily think a naturopath is the person they should go to for help, so they are not searching for the words “naturopath New York” even if they live in New York.

You have to rank at the top of Page 1 of Google and other search engines for the words women use when trying to find some help for their weight issues.  And then your content has to explain to them why you are the best answer to their weight issues.

Let’s look at this, you’ll likely find it easier to understand what this all means with some images from Google.

By the way if you wonder why I focus on Google, the fact is Google is responsible for about 80% of the searches done and you often hear people say, Just “Google” that when people ask a challenging question.

Remember I am using “naturopath New York” as an example but what i’m saying is equally relevant to you if you are a physiotherapist in Kansas City or a jeweller in Des Moines.

So when we search for  “naturopath New York” (that is the Keyword we’re using) here is what we find:


who is searching Google for naturopath New York
Search: naturopath New York

With only about half a million competing sites you can achieve top page 1 Google rankings for that pretty easily. However so little competition shows that keyword does not produce great results or it would be much more competitive

Let’s see what happens with a search for “weight loss treatment New York” (another keyword, but a longer keyword)


Ssearch Google for weight loss treatment New York
Search: weight loss treatment New York

Now we’re competing with 23 Million others. This is going to be a lot more challenging to achieve Top Page 1 Google Rankings but a lot more rewarding if we want to help women who are wanting treatment for their weight issues.

Keywords Matter a Lot

First you’ll have noticed that the keywords used are not really words but phrases and when the phrase gets really long they are known as “long tail keywords”

Now if you really wanted to help the women of New York who have weight issues, you would likely want to  get even more specific as people now get pretty specific with their searches. for example: someone might ask Google, “How can I lose 40 pounds in 2 months for my daughter’s wedding?”

Now the phrase for my daughter’s wedding may or may not be too important depending on your marketing. You could after all be targeting women wanting to lose weight for a wedding or special occasion. But that is the point you have to decide who you are targeting so you can find them when they search Google.

A  more common keyword  you might want to target is “How can I lose 40 pounds in 2 months?”  Now you would want to have an article that uses that phrase a lot in it and does all the right on page SEO to ensure Google and the other search engines know that particular keyword is what you are addressing in your article.  For example your article might be “Discover How You Can Lose 40 Pounds Safely in 2 Months with Naturopathic Help”

Top Page 1 Google rankings for that Long tail keyword are going to have  much better results in terms of bringing a naturopath their ideal patient.  If your practice is in New York you could add that to your title, or not, as Google  knows to match local searchers with local results without it being specifically stated.

Long Tail Keywords

Using very long tail keywords can be an exceptionally good way to get top page 1 google rankings for several valuable keywords, especially if the accompanying article or video or webinar or slide show addresses the long tail keyword as well as several of the included keywords.

Let’s see what I mean: the article that this naturopath could write would be titled “Discover How You Can Lose 40 Pounds Safely in 2 Months with Naturopathic Help” but included in that long tail keywords are these short, mid-long and long tail keywords  “Lose 40 Pounds”  “Lose 40 Pounds Safely” “Lose 40 Pounds Safely in 2 Months” “Discover How You Can Lose 40 Pounds Safely” “Lose 40 Pounds Safely in 2 Months with Naturopathic Help”

Naturally in the article other keywords would also  show up like lose weight with naturopathic help, Lose weight safely with naturopathic help, lose weight in 2 months with naturopathic help.

You might even do a report on that whole subject of “How to Safely Lose a Lot of Weight with Naturopathic Help”  that people could download and you could use that to capture the emails of interested people and then continue to give them weight loss tips by email together with stories of successful weight loss patients you have helped.

This is how valuable Top Page 1 Google Rankings are actually achieved.  Marketers like me call these types of long tail keywords “buyer keywords” as people have demonstrated a real burning interest in the answer to the question they have asked.  Someone who has asked about losing 40 pounds in 2 months for a specific event is likely pretty motivated to take action, and get the answer to that question that satisfies that need in the searcher’s mind.

It could be naturopathic help or it could be weight loss supplements or it could be some wild and crazy diet that finally gets the buy from this searcher,  But if the search had been more specific for example if it had included “a safe way to lose weight”  and “with medical help” than it would have predisposed them perhaps to the naturopath’s article.

But this is Google’s job, to make sure that their searchers get the most relevant answers to their searches, and they now use boolean searches like these long questions really well in matching queries to replies.

So Top Page 1 Google rankings are one thing and they are a big thing but the key to whether or not you get the results you want from the search engines when you are trying to grow your business depends on the keywords that you rank on page 1 for.